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Hello, I am Aushima I am 23 years old my eyes are dark brown and my hair is too dark coffee I’m extremely tall sultry hot model I like to go out revelry with new boys and include bags of fun and enjoyment I like to give lots of enjoyment and offer last passion you will arrive at new heights and have lots of natural fun with me please come to the city of Chennai to gather me and have the best time you have ever had I would be leaving out with you or stay with you at the grandest of hotels Contact me as Chennai Independent Escorts am a very stylish girl who loves to dress up and I love the outfits I wear I am a very beautiful girl who is stirring and beautiful I am an independent woman who is very hot and my intellect is supreme I am a very cultured girl who loves to meet new group every day I am a very communal person who is erotic and physical I meet hot new boys and I love naughty adventures of all kinds I am a very ardent person and I like to be extremely horny and my beauty is really single I love to be very outgoing with equally my time and my affection I am a very wild lady who is quite moving and my attractive eyes are extremely sizzling and the time you use with me force be the best time of your life. Come to me for naughty nights

Just drop in to have some wild adventures of the type you not at all likely I am the best female you can discover my eyes are the most beautiful I did my graduation in Sociology from Chennai this is the place I have full-grown up at and this is the rest I was natural at I love Chennai the climate here changes I get to knowledge very warm conditions and also very cold withstand I love both the weather and also autumn and coil I enjoy exhausting boots in the cold climate and tiresome cover fewer in the hot weather that we skill in the summer I enjoy ice best and in the winter I love to have soups and masala tea I not at all expose any secrets and your name and individuality everything you tell me will wait in the sheets in which you will use time with me you can call and convene me any time you wish for I love to have fun festival like Diwali and Holi I also love other small festivals and I jump with joy when I see chocolates in the hands of a big shot and I don’t wait or inquire if they are for me I just take them from whoever has bring them I hate loud music and I play very soft dreamy music about every day I am a very personal one and I don’t simply reveal anything about for myself I like to beautify Christmas trees and I love to decorate my house at Diwali.

I love to kiss and I do my make up for myself with easiness I wear shimmery eye shade and sparkly lip luster I am a very happy lady who is very slight and respectful I am a true beautiful beauty who is very unknowable I live my life on my own provisos and never ask anybody what to do I value the liberty my parents have given me I very much enjoy effective as an independent Call Girls in Chennai I love dress and also wear Indian fashion my hair is wavy and my skin tone is quite fair and sound come to me for amazing love creation and dirty nights of wild passion and enjoyment I love to ravine on sweets and drinks I like to have corn cob and spicy chip I adore mint and chew gums and I love to travel.

My journey experience.

I went to Spain and carefully enjoyed the whole journey I took a journey from here and first land in Singapore from there I took a air travel to Spain I first enjoy Singapore and then went to Spain I loved the tomato do there and took part in it in the fair we have to break tomatoes with our foot so that all the juice comes out of them and it is old to make tomato juice and soup we stand in large bucket full with tomatoes and take our socks and shoes off previous to step in it is a very pleasant action which is most daring and I met many foreigner there who be also there for the same they looked quite beautiful and I chat with some of them while breach the tomatoes and kept jump in the tomato river I joked with them here and as I called it a tomato river someone else called it a tomato sea it was quite breezy there and very hot as well this festival open my eyes as I have fun the festivals I know only and now I came to know other festivals of the world which are very unlike from ours but are just as fun.

My trips to India and other state.

I have also visit India and other States. I went to them as one and I thinking about going to India and Chennai as well but resolute on these two for that time life form I loved these two places more than Spain the most attractive place was London and I saw the huge wheel stand on the river Thames and loved scrutiny the tourist there talk to each other and then I decisive to hit a block there I had two beers with a boy there who was very much into me and we dance mutually I didn’t sleep that night and stay outside I loved life form with him in India and as likely the next day it rained and the clouds looked as compelling as my beauty I watched the pigeons who were distant to me like the people there I walk back to my hotel to slow down and calm down after a great travel knowledge.

I went to Japan to have some more time enjoy myself and assembly new people explore new destination with my friends I had travelled alone to other places but this time decisive to take my friends along I went there excitedly and found the place to be quite pleasant it was time for some party and I choose Japan since of its beauty and also as I wanted to see our adjoining country I have been too many places but no place was like this one it was my pleasure creature here I missed working as Escort in Chennai I am someone who likes to check all before touring a place and this time it was no unlike I enjoy creation new friends and that’s what I did here as fine it was rather a wild ride being in this state where new gadget are launched every day I saw many such things like a car which can run in water I missed working as Independent Call Girls in Chennai.

My living as a model likes and dislikes.

When I ongoing working as a model, I didn’t know something about the business but loved to amble the slope and I enjoyed knowledge new clothes like walkway and how I can sham I also loved that I get to wear dresses by well-known designer and glass case them in front of lots of people who notice how I look and match my composition and looks all persons people would be there to see me this was amazing for me I loved to wear so many fashion in a day and I educated all quickly it was a good knowledge and I did not mind operational as a model one bit I also got to wear some very cute shoes and heels which were very high this was the first time I was trying clothes and shoes of such great class and high fashion I wore some good shoes and clothes on the slope I enjoyed the luster and attention of the incline. This was previous to I worked as Chennai Escorts.

I grew up life form loved by my family as the only girl in the house I have two brothers and I am much loved by them they love me and I much enjoy the notice I get I am very close to my relations member I come from a rich family.

I am a very high class female who love to have whiskey and do not similar to smoke I like to have plenty of sexual fun I feel very erotic and hot after drinking and I am much into party when I convene someone then I like to kiss them I am a very hot and sexy girl who wears scanty clothes and short skirt my clients are always happy with me and this fulfill my wants as well I love to dangle out at great restaurant and imposing comfort and no one ever forget me once you meet me, you would surely want to get in touch once more and like to get together me once more and again I am a big shot who is very welcoming and loving.

I will make you feel like you previously know me and you would feel like I am your girlfriend and romantic associate when you come to Chennai, I agree you would positively like to meet me if you search Escorts in Chennai, you would surely find me and no one else I have many friends as well who are fairly hot and sexy seductive Independent and high profile just like me gently come to the capital to see me and have daring times with me you must have met many girls but positively not met anyone like me I am sure that when you come to Chennai, you call Chennai Call Girls and take our huge services assembly our sexy beautiful ladies who are all very pretty and provide amazing lovemaking you will have the time of your life taking me out to night clubs and to extra places.

Meet our dramatic beauty who are Aushima’s friend these beautiful girls who talk other languages if you so need come to these pleasant beauties who will give you the most unbelievable time ever we have lovely sole girls who are ready for nights of lots of fun and these women are very fit and have big bust and flat skin they like to be with you and make you feel very little and hot.

My days as a model, likes and dislikes.

Chennai is a must visit city, life form the money of the country it is a very big city with great hotels you need to see me here to enjoy the best time that you can maybe have you must come here to meet me and the extra friends I have who will give you the most wonderful enjoyment in the soothe of grand hotels which are not very classy compare to the luxury and service they offer you will come once and never overlook the truly charming knowledge the hotels and the models of Chennai will give you Choose what you want the choice is yours when it comes to the hotels and the escort girls you get to want everything.

Now you can meet the most foreign of beauty who will grow very loving of you and make you feel very close we only have girls of the most excellence you will find the premium of women during our escort services these girls stay very robust and keep their body toned and perfect you will not find any fault in the ladies you meet through our service I am one of the top models of our country and her beauty is famous all over the country meet me for single of the naughtiest night of your living you will have me by you in bed in no time and have the physical and romantic skill you are looking for I am an angel who is a wonderful beauty I play with colors when it comes to my look and wear very graceful dresses I am a lady who is rather yielding.

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